Legacy Planning

Wealth changes families in both positive and negative ways. Thoughtful estate planning and trust management work together to accentuate the positive consequences of wealth and mitigate negative ones. Three main principles guide our legacy planning. First, our goal is to have healthy, united families who manage their wealth in a responsible way. Second, “shirtsleeves to shirtsleeves in three generations” is not just a saying. It’s a real problem. Third, legacy planning is an ongoing process, with tough conversations along the way. We guide families through difficult situations and value our position as the first call when trouble strikes.

Natalie began building her expertise in trusts and estates as a young lawyer. She is a long-time member of the Fiduciary Section of the State Bar of Georgia, and is an employee of both Synovus Securities and Synovus Trust. Shannon’s experience with trusts and estates is grounded in representing families involved in estate litigation. Together, they understand the gravity of planning and the serious consequences of familial disputes over assets.

Investment management prepares the money for the family; it’s equally important to prepare the family for the money. Philanthropic planning, financial education and family governance all play important roles in preparing families for the responsibility of wealth.

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