Celebrating our Dads

By | June 29, 2020

A Happy Father’s Day Message from Gracestone!

Here at the Gracestone Group, we love our dads. Dad taught me to find beauty in the outdoors. He introduced me to the music of B.B. King and he showed me how to remain calm under terrible pressure.

Father’s Day is an opportunity to honor those who taught us to be tough. My dad taught me about business. He taught me to never burn a bridge that I might have to walk across again, and he taught me the importance of integrity. When I was a little girl, tears did not work on my dad.

Father’s Day is a celebration of life skills and life lessons. My father taught me to be on time. He taught me the danger of certainty and the importance of big ideas.

My father was always my best coach and he taught me the value of hard work. But the most valuable lesson was the importance of showing gratitude, giving a smile and always offering a kind word.

Fathers take different forms. I have a wonderful father and stepfather, plus a husband who’s a pretty great dad too.

Happy Father’s Day from our team to yours.